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Cases involving stock broker and brokerage firm misconduct are subject to specialized rules and regulations. The “New Account Form” an investor signs when opening a brokerage account with virtually any of the broker dealers in the US, contains a provision wherein the investor agrees to waive his right to go to state or federal court and agrees to resolve any dispute in arbitration. The regulatory bodies (FINRA, prior to FINRA, the NASD and the SEC) have a unique set of rules and regulations. In our 20 years of dealing with investor loss cases we have developed a practice that is highly experienced in this field. Robert H. Rex has represented thousands of individuals from across the United States and abroad in recovering damages for losses in their brokerage accounts. Mr. Rex has built a reputation on his record of success in this field and has been quoted in the Wall Street Journal and other national, regional and local publications.

Our firm welcomes referrals and pays referral fees in accordance with the Florida bar rules of Professional Conduct (Rule 4-1.5) and the applicable rules from non-Florida attorneys. If one of your clients believes they are a victim of securities fraud do not hesitate to contact us – we pride ourselves on providing excellent client service and will ensure they have the best possible chance of recovering losses. You can call us at 561-391-1900 or by filling out the form on our contact page.