It’s easy to become a Florida resident. The issue is to not also be a resident of another state as well, You want to avoid paying taxes in the state where you had a former domicile. Your domicile is your true home and the problem to avoid is having another state, other than Florida claim you as a citizen and tax you.

New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts all have state estate taxes that Florida does not have, So what’s a person to do? You must be sure to abandon the old domicile and establish the new’ one. Florida has no time requirement to become a Florida resident; you don’t have to spend any certain number of days here to be a resident. New York, for example, on the other hand, says if you have an apartment there and spend 184 days there, they want your money. You can keep your New York abode – just don’t spend too much time there!

New York has some other great rules too. They think that the size of your New York home vs. the size of your Florida home matters. (Have your bigger home here in Florida-and have your best possessions here too!) Of course if you continue to be active in a business there that could also spell trouble. New York has a special Tax unit that will also look at your living pattern to see where you have important appointments, where you charge most purchases, bank and use the telephone. So you are cautioned to examine these areas. Where will you keep your dearest items like important collections, family photos and your pets? Move ’em all to Florida!

Here’s what you also need to do: Get your Florida driver’s license and cancel your “foreign” one, Vote here, always ,and never there. File taxes here, certainly not there, and conduct most of your social activities and establish religious contacts here. If you should get a letter from any Northern jurisdiction, bring it to your advisor before replying. We love new Florida residents and we’re here to help.

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