Family Law

Handling Complex Family Law Cases

For people with significant assets, property or inheritance, family law and matrimonial issues become more complex as asset or business protection becomes a necessary step in the family law process. For high-net-worth individuals, either prior to engagement or in the stages of marital dissolution, the need for an attorney that can address complex financial and corporate issues is significant.

As the longest continuously operating law office in Boca Raton, and with highly experienced legal counsel that has built a strong reputation for representing the needs of professionals, investors, entrepreneurs and executives across South Florida, the law office of Dickenson, Murphy, Rex & Sloan stands ready to address your family law needs. We represent clients in family law matters with representation that can fully address highly complex and demanding cases.

Family Law Backed by Decades of Proven Experience

Our previous clients include scores of high-net-worth individuals, including industry leaders and globally recognized professionals and their families. We are able to employ extensive resources to address the personal and professional issues that arise in family law cases involving people with complex and sophisticated investments, businesses and assets. We work with quality forensic accountants and business valuation experts that can provide us with an accurate and comprehensive accounting.

Our attorneys understand the unique nature of every case, and we deliver customized, personal solutions designed around your situation. We provide guidance and counsel for clients seeking to protect their marital and premarital assets through prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. We also aggressively protect your assets and your rights in divorce cases.

When significant assets, property, investments, accounts and business holdings are involved in the family law process, the stakes are significant and the need for dependable counsel paramount. These cases require a proven and dependable lawyer that understands the issues at hand and how to deploy reliable strategies and resources.

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We recognize the high stakes involved in our clients’ cases, and appreciate the gravity of your needs. We stand behind our decades of proven results serving clients throughout the region. Call our office at 561-391-1900 or contact us online for more information on our practice.