High-Net-Worth Divorce

Handling South Florida High-Net-Worth Divorce

In many ways a marriage is essentially seen in the eyes of the law as a contractual partnership between individuals, and the dissolution of that partnership carries with it seemingly endless questions of how the properties, assets and responsibilities of the parties involved will be divided. For clients with substantial property, assets or business holdings, the already highly complex nature of divorce can become even more fraught with uncertainty and question.

Without adequate and informed representation, a divorce can become a disruptive and potentially devastating event that can wreck your financial future and leave you without the resources you were relying on. At the law office of Dickenson, Murphy, Rex & Sloan we provide sophisticated and experienced divorce asset protection to meet your significant needs.

Protecting Your Property, Investments and Rights

For many of our clients, marital asset division is among the most complex issues to be resolved in their divorce. Not only are these assets highly valuable, but they are also intensely complex, requiring the resources of financial experts, forensic accountants and business evaluators to review and decode years worth of financial data.

Failing to put forth the right strategies and evidence, based on strong testimony by recognized experts, can lead to thousands or millions of dollars lost in the years following a divorce. Our attorneys work to avoid this kind of financial catastrophe and execute sound strategies now to protect the investments you have spent a lifetime building.

Our lawyers work to evaluate, review and protect:

  • Real estate
  • Business holdings
  • Personal savings
  • Inherited assets
  • Retirement accounts

The family law division of Dickenson, Murphy, Rex & Sloan is focused on serving the demanding and substantial needs of professionals, executives, entrepreneurs and business owners. We built our name on meeting the divorce asset protection demands of high-level clients in all areas of our practice.

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